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View some of Gateway's accounting procedures, tools and documents.


A comprehensive collection of documents that includes bylaws, hiring practices, overseeing a team effectively, and more.

Building Services

Our building services team focuses on displaying a servant's heart while maintaining the Gateway offices and campuses. 

Campus Development

Our campus development team has put together some valuable resources for those churches looking to branch out into multiple campuses.


Care is the support network through which we take care of our congregation, from birth to death, illness, or bereavement.


Equip classes are discipleship classes that help our congregation get closer to God, and these classes are available for your church.

Event Administration

Our Events team works around the year to run conferences, holidays, seminars, baptisms, and more. Click here to see the tools they use! 

Executive Team

Best practice videos and other resources from our executive level team members.


Our facilities team are known for their excellent work while displaying a servant's heart. Click here to learn more. 


Freedom is a kingdom-focused ministry designed to help believers take the next step and become truly free in Christ.

Gateway Conference

Our Gateway Conference archive includes video, audio, and documentation from speakers covering a wide breadth of subjects.

Gateway Network

Our mission is to serve pastors, equip churches and build relationships for maximum kingdom impact.


Small groups are one of the most important ways we stay connected in fellowship, these resources can make a big impact on your church.

Guest Experience

The Guest Experience (GXP) Team extends a warm atmosphere for visitors and members from the parking lot to the Auditorium. 

Human Resources

Find documentation and best practices for hiring, training, benefits, and defining job descriptions. 

Information Technology

The Information Technology department at Gateway handles our computer hardware, networking setup, troubleshooting and web security. 


Gateway believes in "to the Jew first". Click here to find resources about building relationships with Jewish and Messianic community.


A strong children's ministry doesn’t have to be complicated. When it comes to kids, we have one motto, "have fun while learning about God."

Marriage and Family

Our Marriage and Family ministry shares resources that will help build a solid foundation in marriages and families.

Materials and Assets

Materials and Assets invoices the tracking and monitoring all of the churches assets, and well as transportation and storage. 

Media and Communications

The media department creates artwork, video, social media, and written communications for the church and the outside world.

Member Services

Learn how Gateway connects people in membership, explaining purpose, values, and history as well as vision for the future.


Gateway is unique in the way we are reaching men. Learn more about our vision and approach to men's ministry.

New Believers

Our resources for new believers will help you teach and guide brand new Christians on "What comes next?"


Learn more about Gateway’s local, national and international outreach ministry.

Performing Arts

Your performing arts team can provide a valuable new opportunity to minister to others as an outreach tool to share God's Love.


Prayer at Gateway Church is not something we do; it defines who we are. Find tools to take people higher in their relationship with God!

Safety Services

Learn more about security and safety services at Gateway Church.

Single Adults

Click here to discover how our Single's Ministry challenges each other to grow in relationship with God and one another through community.

Single Parent Families

Find resources for empowering and equipping single parent families to achieve wholeness in parenting, finances, and healthy relationships.

Staff Development

Classes, documentation, structured oversight meetings, and more - explore the many tools that will help you develop your staff.

Stewardship Department

At Gateway Stewardship, we teach biblical financial principles and show you how to apply them to real life situations.


Gateway's ministry for junior high and senior high students unpacked in a way that can be easily used in your church.

Teaching Series

Teaching Series

Technical Arts

Gateway's Tech Arts team handles all of the lighting, sound, stage direction and design, and our live service streaming.


The Serve ministry at Gateway doesn't just care about the congregation, but also ensures the volunteers can thrive in a healthy environment.


Gateway Women is devoted to helping women embrace their God-given femininity, maximize their strengths, and wisely steward their influence.


Our vision is to develop highly influential God-worshippers. We are excited to partner with you in ministry!

Young Adults

This ministry is a community of young adults (18-30s) that seeks to make a difference by serving God’s purposes faithfully.