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Becoming One Pre-Marriage Class

  • Gateway Church

Our desire is to help you build a solid foundation for upcoming marriages by equipping with principles for a healthy marriage.

"And the two shall become one” Genesis 2:27

How do the two become one? Becoming one happens in an instant and yet it takes a lifetime. 

A seven-week experience designed to prepare future newlyweds for a marriage that weathers the storms of life, brings unity, and fulfills dreams. Whether they're pre-engaged, engaged, or newly married, they’ll gain valuable insight and understanding into what the Bible has to say about marriage.

We will cover the foundational blocks that help build a firm foundation for marriage to be built upon, such as connection with God, communication with each other, conflict resolution, intimacy, and much more!

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  • Becoming One Student Notebook
  • Lesson 1 Leader Guide
  • Lesson 1 PowerPoint
  • Lesson 2 Leader Guide
  • Lesson 2 PowerPoint
  • Lesson 3 Leader Guide
  • Lesson 3 PowerPoint
  • Lesson 4 Leader Guide
  • Lesson 4 PowerPoint
  • Lesson 5 Leader Guide
  • Lesson 5 PowerPoint
  • Lesson 6 Leader Guide
  • Lesson 6 PowerPoint
  • Lesson 7 Leader Guide
  • Lesson 7 PowerPoint
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