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Partners and Discounts

We’ve joined with some of our most trusted partners to give you exclusive benefits & discounts to help make your job as easy as possible!

Children's Ministry

An array of useful and helpful resources from Gateway Kids for your church's ministry to children.

Leadership University with Dr. Henry Cloud

Comprehensive curriculum tailored for leaders that focuses on intellectual development, and emotional and relational intelligence. 

Gateway Teaching Series Packages

Downloadable and previewable packages including everything you would need to utilize a Gateway weekend teaching series in your church.

Staff Development Classes

Grab a seat at our staff development program with new classes every month that will train, equip & enrich all levels of your church staff.

Discipleship Classes

Our discipleship class packages cover a wide range of topics and will help your congregation learn and grow in their walk with God. 

Church Law Resources

The Church Lawyers provide informative legal resources that will assist you in protecting your church and structuring for success.

Best Practice Videos

Insightful best practice videos from a wide cross-section of Gateway departmental leaders.

Tech Arts Resources

A wide array of technical resources that include instruction for lighting, camera operation, audio and program direction.

Jack Hayford Digital Library

The Jack Hayford Digital Library houses thousands of audio and video messages, sermon transcripts and sermon summaries

Student Services Packages

Access message videos, accompanying sermon notes & artwork that can be used in turnkey fashion or assist with your own series development.

Worship Training

Core biblical teaching on praise and worship, practical application, and the importance of walking in the character of Christ.

Conference Archives

Our conference archives include video, audio, and documentation from some incredible guest speakers covering a wide breadth of subjects.

Service Elements

Special service segments, videos and other elements that will enhance your weekend and midweek adult services.

Job Descriptions

Find and download sample job descriptions from an array of Gateway departments.

Documents and Forms

A comprehensive array of downloadable documents including Accounting and HR forms, departmental fact sheets and more.

Position Papers

Read or download our position papers to gain insight on how Gateway views and approaches a variety of topics. 

Church Government Documents

Key insights on healthy church government. 

Foundations of Healthy Church Government

Decrease time wasting and strife, and promote harmony and accountability. The government model you choose determines your church’s destiny.

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